Proposed Annexation of Approximately 55-Acre Tract

In late 2018, two developers, D.R. Horton and the Forestar Group, approached the Fort Bend County MUD No. 146 (District) Board of Directors (Board) requesting that the Board consider annexing into the District an approximately 55-acre tract west of the existing District boundaries, as shown on the map below. They were seeking to develop the tract with approximately 153 single-family homes, which would need to be provided with public utilities, including water supply and distribution, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, and drainage facilities. Pursuant to State law, the District has discretion to determine whether to annex or otherwise provide services to property located outside of its boundaries.

The District requested that its engineer and financial advisor perform analyses, which were funded by the developers, to determine whether it was feasible for the District physically to construct the public water, sanitary sewer, and drainage facilities required to serve the tract, and whether it made sense financially for the District to do so. The analyses showed that the annexation was feasible, so the District and the Developer began negotiating terms for a proposed annexation.

One of the District’s longstanding conditions for any annexation request, including this one, is that the developer enter into an agreement with the Long Meadow Farms Homeowners Association (Association), such that any new development would share a similar “look” and “feel” as the existing community and would be part of the existing community. As required by the District’s annexation policy, we understand that the developers have requested that the Association consider a contractual arrangement to provide access to Long Meadow Farms amenities for the development of the 55-acre tract, and that those discussions are ongoing.

The District has not yet annexed the tract into the District. The District also has not finalized its agreement with the developers for the annexation. Because the tract borders a substantial portion of the District’s western edge, the District is very interested in ensuring that any development is compatible with and beneficial to the existing Long Meadow Farms community. If the annexation does not occur, and the land is purchased by a commercial or other entity, we are concerned that the District will not have input into the type of development or the building guidelines and standards that are constructed on the adjoining property.

The District understands that this issue is of great interest to the community and welcomes all public input. All interested members of the public are invited to attend the District’s Board meetings. In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, each Board meeting agenda is posted at the Welcome Center at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting. The agendas also are posted to the District’s website, at Written comments and questions can be submitted to the District, via