Boulevard Fence Replacement Project – Phase III

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 146 authorized construction of Phase III of the fence replacement project. The project is scheduled to begin March 14, 2022, starting at the south end of the project limit on James Long Parkway near Harvest Thistle Drive and progressing north along James Long Parkway toward Oyster Creek. The construction schedule and sequencing for Phase III of the fence replacement project is shown in the map below and will be updated as the project progresses.

The project includes removal of existing wood fencing, which will be replaced with brick walls utilizing the existing stone columns as part of Phase III of the replacement plan.  When the fence is removed, the Contractor will erect temporary chain link construction fence to secure resident’s property. The Contractor requests impacted residents secure pets, clearly mark any private utility lines in the yard (such as irrigation, gas grill, swimming pool, etc.) and turn off the irrigation prior to demolition beginning. The Contractor will be working within the existing utility easements and landscape reserves. The District requests that affected residents remove any items attached to the fence, and items that are within five feet of the fence line. Landscaping, decorative items, etc. should be removed or tied back away from the construction area. Residents that will be directly affected by the project will receive additional notifications prior to work taking place behind their property.

For more information about the Fence Replacement Project, or general inquiries related to FBCMUD146 parks and common areas, please contact us through the District’s website at with questions or comments.

Notice Regarding Signs

The Fort Bend MUD No. 146 Board of Directors is aware that signs have been placed on James Long Drive at the limits of the upcoming fence replacement project. These signs were placed by the contractor without the District’s review or approval. The District has directed the contractor to remove the signs immediately.

Delayed Trash Service Notice

Due to weather conditions, trash services will start two hours later this morning.

If there are any other delays or instances of service not being completed, we will let you know along with the plan for service on Saturday morning, if needed.

Notice of District Water System Flushing

As part of the District’s routine water system maintenance, fire hydrant flushing will be performed beginning Monday, January 17, 2022, through Friday, January 28, 2022. Flushing will not interrupt your water service; however, during the flushing, you may see discolored water and a drop in water pressure while crews are working in your area.

Fire hydrant flushing is performed to maintain system water quality by removing sediment from the system and is a necessary procedure to ensure the water system maintains the best possible water quality and adequate pressure and flow.

During flushing water may become discolored due to naturally occurring mineral sediment that is being removed from the system. While there are no health concerns associated with the discolored water, this sediment can cause permanent staining of clothing and some porous surfaces.

Discoloration of water may persist for a short time after the work is complete; however, this does not affect water quality and water will remain safe to drink. You can check your water before washing clothes, using your ice maker or filling your pool or spa. To check for discolored water, run water from a faucet that is closest to your water meter. If you see discolored water run your faucet until the water clears up.

The District will provide updates on where we are flushing in the District via the District email notification and text messaging system. If you have questions about this or other matters related to your water or sewer service, please contact the District’s water operator by phone at 832- 467-1599 or online at

To sign up to receive important news and updates from the District via text messages, send a text message to the number 281- 868-8998 with the word MUD146. To sign up via email, please visit the District’s website at

Thank you for your patience while this important work is being performed.

Water System Flushing – Proposed Schedule

  • Monday, January 17, 2022
    Venture Park Drive, Douglas Spur, Blue Glade Drive, Prairie Crest Drive, Barrett Knolls Drive, Hawkspur Ridge, Crocket Ridge Drive, Maggie Mist Drive, Shawnee Park Drive, Winston Ranch Court, Prairie Sage Drive, Silver Chase Lane, Lonely Star Lane, Ravens Point, Idle Wind Court, Port Branch, Falcon Creek Court, Somervell Court, Silent River Drive, Long Meadow Farms Parkway
  • Tuesday, January 18, 2022
    Winston Lake Drive, Campaign Circle, Clover Circle, Mier Manor Court, Edge Rose Court, Havens Glade Court, Black Spur Court, Sparrows Spur Court, Sparrows Spur Street, Kurz Point Drive, Mattwood Drive, Chelsey Circle, Buffalo Creek Drive, James Long Court, Winston Ranch Parkway, West Bellfort, Prairie Green Court, Rebecca Hill Court, Blue Topaz, Lone Star Junction, Ripford Court, While River Court, Amber Crossing
  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022
    Amber Crossing, Galdys Yoakum, Machall Manor Court, Oakley Hill Court, Antonia Manor Court, Palmito Ranch Drive, Winston Ranch Parkway, Spur Ridge Court, Venture Park Court, Bentford Park, Natchez Crossing, Riverine Terrance Court, Beverly Chase Drive, Caddo Park Court, Autumn Manor Drive, Hawkley Drive, Long Meadow Farms Parkway, Crescent Knolls Drive, Shawnee Park Drive, Phantom Mist Drive, Idle Wind Drive, Idle Wind Court, James Long Parkway, Long Path Court, Rampart Point, Harvest Thistle Drive
  • Thursday, January 20, 2022
    Harvest Thistle Drive, Bering Chase Way, Andrea Park Drive, Winding Path Way, Redcrest Manor Drive, Rosehedge Terrace Way, Aurora Park Drive, Upland Manor Court, Laywood Court, Mesic Ridge, Prairie Planes Court, Cresting Ridge Drive, Falling Dawn Drive, Grove Chase Court
  • Friday January 21, 2022
    Winding Path Way, Summer Wine Drive, Prairie Manor Drive, Delta Lake Drive, Crownstone Drive, Ruston Ridge Court, Newstone Drive, Long Cross Drive, Tupelo Ridge Drive, Purdy Crescent Trail, Long Way Trace, Sage Thistle Tail, Sage Acres Court, Greenthorne Trace, Elderwood Terrace Drive, Valiant Knolls Drive, Azalea Chase Drive, Wandering Willow Drive, Whistle Wood Drive, March Creek Court, West Bellfort, Grand Parkway