Reforestation Program – Oyster Creek Greenbelt & Common Areas Initiative

In November 2016, the Parks Committee and the Board of Directors approved a program that allows residents living adjacent to the Oyster Creek Greenbelt and District Common Areas, a mechanism to install new trees in these parks and green spaces.  At the request of the residents living adjacent to these areas and the recreational users of common areas, the Parks Committee developed a program whereas residents can pay for the purchase and installation of a native tree in a location mutually agreeable to the resident and the District. So far over 60 trees have been planted through this program. The District is extending the program for the Spring 2024 planting. Orders with be taken through March with planting taking place in mid-April.

The purpose of the Reforestation Program is:

  • To provide individual residents the opportunity to install a tree behind their home
  • To promote the installation of new native trees along the greenbelt to ensure a native population of varying maturity
  • To educate the community regarding the positive environmental impacts of reforestation
  • To preserve property values
  • To enhance the quality of life for recreational users of the OCG and the Nature Preserve
  • To maintain or enhance wildlife habitat
  • To sequester carbon dioxide

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