Trash Facts (Recycling Too)!

Recently there have been a lot of questions about trash. Who picks up our trash? When do they pick up the trash? What about Holidays and trash pickup? What will they pick up? Hopefully this article will answer many of these questions for you.

Let’s start at the beginning. Who picks up our trash and when? The District has contracted with WCA (Waste Corporate of America) to pick up trash in all sections of Long Meadow Farms. This includes homes located in both Ft. Bend MUD 146 and Ft. Bend MUD 194. To make it simple, everyone currently has the same trash collection days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pickup on these days will take place between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. There are only two holidays in the districts’ trash collection: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If one of these holidays should fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, normal service will be resumed on the next scheduled service day. Example: If Christmas day falls on a Tuesday, there will be no trash pickup on that day. The next trash pickup day will be on the Thursday immediately following Christmas Day.

Regular Household Trash

What is considered regular trash and how do you get it picked up? Regular trash is considered as household waste, grass clippings, leaves and similar yard waste. It must all be put into bags or containers (containers are resident-owned and must be less than 64 gallons in capacity) that weigh less than 40 pounds. All bags, boxes, bundles and containers must be located curbside, that is, that portion of right-of-way adjacent to paved or traveled county roads.

Recycled Trash

Recycle waste currently being collected is newspaper, magazines, junk mail, colored paper, paper bags, file folders, phone books, greeting cards, cardboard, paperboard, plastics #1-5 and #7, aluminum, steel and tin cans. For those not familiar, that means pretty much all plastics you may encounter in your household except NO STYROFOAM. Unlike your household waste, WCA provides a special 65-gallon container in which your recycling needs to be placed. This container should also be located at curbside and will be picked up once a week ONLY on Fridays. This is your RECYCLE DAY.

Bulk Waste

You know. Those limbs and shrubs that you trimmed over the weekend, the boards that have been in the way in the garage, that’s all bulk waste. There are specific rules that govern collection of bulk waste. If you don’t follow them, it won’t get picked up. Let’s review them now. Bulk waste containers must be less than 50 gallons in volume and weigh less than 40 pounds. Those tree limbs and trimmings must be tied together in bundles no greater than 4 feet in length and weighing less than 40 pounds. Branches can only have a maximum diameter of 3 inches. Bulk waste will be picked up on the regular trash collection days. For bulk items over 40 pounds, call WCA prior to the scheduled pickup date to let them know you have a large item. Only one large item per pickup day is allowed. Refrigerators, freezers, window A/Cs and such must be tagged by a technician stating they contain no freon.

WCA Won’t Pick Up

As part of their normal collection WCA does not pick up dirt, rocks bricks, concrete or any materials deemed hazardous materials such as paints, tires and car parts.

Questions or Complaints

When in doubt about an item of trash, call WCA and ask them. All questions and complaints regarding service should be directed to WCA. They can be reached during normal business hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday at 281-368-8397. Their offices are located at 8515 Highway 6 South, Houston, TX 77083.