Process for Determining Ownership and / or Reporting Sidewalk Problems


Homeowners living in Long Meadow Farms Community Association are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks within the street right-of-ways adjoining their property. According to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Long Meadow Farms (CC&R’s), Article VIII. Architectural Restrictions, Section D.:

Before the construction of any residence is complete, the Builder shall construct in all adjacent street rights-of-ways a sidewalk four feet (4’) in width, parallel to the street curb in accordance with local standard and ordinances and the Building/Residential Design Guidelines. The sidewalk will extend the full width of the Lot. On corner Lots, the sidewalk shall extend the full width and depth of the Lot and up to the street curb at the corner and finished with the complement of required curb ramps. Sidewalks shall be kept in a well-maintained condition at all times. Cracked or broken concrete shall mean that the sidewalk is not in a well-maintained condition. The maintenance of all sidewalks is the responsibility of the owner.

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 146 (the District) owns and is responsible for maintaining concrete sidewalks in and adjoining District owned common areas. The District also owns underground water, sewer, and storm sewer facilities throughout the District.

Safe sidewalks and proactive maintenance of District facilities is a top priority for the District Board of Directors. To that end, the District has established a program to help residents identify ownership of sidewalk problems in the District. When the District can determine that the sidewalk problem is located on or adjoining District property or is caused by a District facility, the District will prioritize and schedule sidewalk repairs using the District’s public funds.


Residents are encouraged to determine property ownership by visiting County maps available on-line through the Fort Bend County Appraisal District at When visiting the map site, you simply enter the street address in the search box on the screen or navigate on the map to the location of your sidewalk problem. Once you find your location of concern, you simply click on the parcel adjoining the sidewalk problem. The parcel that you clicked on will be highlighted and an information box will appear on the screen. The property owner’s name will appear at the top of the box. Per the Long Meadow Farms CC&R’s, the adjoining landowner is responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk.

If the parcel adjoining the sidewalk problem is owned by the District or if the sidewalk is located within a parcel owned by the District, contact us and a District representative will investigate your concern and report back to you.

To request assistance from the District, contact the District by clicking on the following link: The District will:

  • Confirm ownership of the property adjoining the sidewalk problem.
  • If the sidewalk is owned by the District, then the District will schedule an inspection of the sidewalk to confirm the sidewalk condition. The location and type of repair will be recorded and
    the location will be logged onto the list of identified District sidewalk repairs. Repair locations are prioritized based on the observed conditions and based on priority repairs are scheduled by the District.
  • If sidewalk maintenance is determined to be the responsibility of the Resident or a landowner other than the District, the District will check for existing District facilities at the reported problem location that could be a contributing factor in the sidewalk problem.
  • Once the maintenance responsibility is confirmed, based on the Deed restrictions, and the District has determine whether there is a possibility of a District facility contributing to the problem, the District will update the Resident with the findings of the District.
  • It is the District’s goal to report these initial findings to the Resident within ten (10) days of receiving the Resident’s request.
  • If a District facility is present, then the District will further investigate the request to determine if the District facility is contributing to the sidewalk problem. An inspection by the District will be scheduled within fourteen (14) days of the District’s initial report to the Resident.
  • Upon completion of the District’s inspection, a determination will be made establishing whether the District has any responsibility for making the repair. If the District has the legal authority to make the repair, then, the repair location will be recorded, prioritized, and the appropriate repair will be scheduled for a future repair.
  • Upon completion of the investigation and field inspection, the District will provide a final report to the Resident identifying the responsible party for making the repair and, as appropriate, any plans that the District has for completing the identified repairs.
  • At the request of the Resident, investigations by District personnel may be referred to the District Board of Directors for review.

Process for Determining Ownership and / or Reporting Sidewalk Problems (PDF)