North Fort Bend Water Authority Larry’s Toolbox – Award for Outstanding Participating Municipal Utility District

Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 146 (the “District”) is proud to announce that the District received an award from the North Fort Bend Water Authority (the “Authority”) for Outstanding 2016 Larry’s Toolbox Participating Municipal Utility District!

The Authority created its Larry’s Toolbox program to incentivize users within the Authority’s boundaries, including the District, to conserve water usage by 15% by 2040 in order to potentially save the Authority over $400 million dollars’ worth of surface water infrastructure improvements. The Larry’s Toolbox program allows users like the District to participate in and achieve points for any or all of nine different water conservation initiatives. If a user participates in enough of the initiatives and achieves sufficient points, they are eligible for a discounted water rate during the following year.

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