Fort Bend County Toll Roads Resume Tolling Monday


Fort Bend County, Texas — The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority ceased all tolling on Sunday, August 27, 2017 in coordination with tolling partners in the Houston area to facilitate easier transportation following the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

After several days of conversations and discussions we have determined that the resumption of tolling in Fort Bend County will begin on Monday, Sept. 11th for the Fort Bend Parkway from Beltway to south to Sienna Parkway and the Grand Parkway (SH-99) from Westpark south to I-69 (US-59). On Wednesday tolls will resume on the Westpark Tollway from the Fort Bend County line west to SH-99. None of the three Fort Bend County toll roads have non-tolled alternatives.

Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) may resume tolling soon but they do not have a specific date at this time. For information about the resumption of tolls on HCTRA-managed roadways, see TxDOT will also resume tolling soon but could not provide a firm date at the time of writing.


Judge Jodie Stavinoha Bridge Over TX-99 Reopened

This morning the Judge Jodie Stavinoha TX-99 bridge over the Brazos River just north of I-69 on the Grand Parkway has been reopened to one lane in each direction. At this time, tolls are still waived on Fort Bend County toll roads, please feel free to use toll roads to help get around other flooded roadways or traffic resulting from some of the still-flooded routes through the region.

Fort more information about the response to Hurricane Harvey, visit the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management website at

For more information on recovery efforts to assist residents of Fort Bend County, or information on what you can do to assist in recovery visit

Termination of Curfew

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – Fort Bend County Judge ordered a curfew put into place on August 31 to assist law enforcement in the protection of private property within evacuation zones in Fort Bend County. The curfew was in effect from August 31 until today, when the Judge terminated the curfew.

“Along with the cancelling of many of the evacuation orders, conditions have improved to the point that we can now lift the curfew to better allow people access to their property.” says County Judge Bob Hebert.

While it is now safe enough to lift the curfew, individual neighborhoods and homes may still pose hazards that residents should be aware of. Displaced animals, contaminated flood waters, and unstable structures can pose an ongoing hazard to residents trying to return home. For more information about how to safely re-enter your home, visit


Community Improvements Under Consideration – Your Feedback Requested

The Board of Directors (the Board) of Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 146 (the District) is considering its draft budget for fiscal year 2018, which will run from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018. The District annually prepares a list of potential capital improvement projects to enhance our community. These projects have been identified by Board members, District residents, the Long Meadow Farms Homeowners Association, District consultants, and others.

The types of projects under consideration at this time include: the replacement of wood fencing with brick, the addition of walking trails and site furnishings at various locations, landscape screening of the wastewater treatment plant and expansion of playground facilities. These projects are under consideration, but the Board makes no assurances regarding whether any or all of these projects will be completed and, if they are, the timing for when they will get underway. One of the biggest factors affecting the initiation of these projects is the availability of funds. At this time, the Board plans to consider these and other community improvement projects based solely upon funds available on hand each year.

The Board requests your feedback regarding these projects and other District capital improvement projects you would like to see implemented. Please click on the following link to submit your questions and comments:

Reforestation Program – Oyster Creek Greenbelt & The Nature Preserve Initiative

In November 2016, the Parks Committee and the Board of Directors approved a new program that allows residents living adjacent to the Oyster Creek Greenbelt and the Nature Preserve a mechanism to install new trees in these District common areas.  At the request of the residents living adjacent to these areas and the recreational users of these common areas, the Parks Committee developed a program whereas residents can pay for the purchase and installation of a native tree in a location mutually agreeable to the resident and the District.

The purpose of the Reforestation Program is:

  • To provide individual residents the opportunity to install a tree behind their home
  • To promote the installation of new native trees along the greenbelt to ensure a native population of varying maturity
  • To educate the community regarding the positive environmental impacts of reforestation
  • To preserve property values
  • To enhance the quality of life for recreational users of the OCG and the Nature Preserve
  • To maintain or enhance wildlife habitat
  • To sequester carbon dioxide

The program’s success will be monitored and it may be expanded in the future.  To review the Reforestation Program in its entirety you may follow this link to the District’s website:

Questions and / or comments may be directed to

North Fort Bend Water Authority Larry’s Toolbox – Award for Outstanding Participating Municipal Utility District

Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 146 (the “District”) is proud to announce that the District received an award from the North Fort Bend Water Authority (the “Authority”) for Outstanding 2016 Larry’s Toolbox Participating Municipal Utility District!

The Authority created its Larry’s Toolbox program to incentivize users within the Authority’s boundaries, including the District, to conserve water usage by 15% by 2040 in order to potentially save the Authority over $400 million dollars’ worth of surface water infrastructure improvements. The Larry’s Toolbox program allows users like the District to participate in and achieve points for any or all of nine different water conservation initiatives. If a user participates in enough of the initiatives and achieves sufficient points, they are eligible for a discounted water rate during the following year.

Click here to read announcement.