County Judge Issues Curfew Order for Unincorporated Fort Bend County

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX  August 30, 2017  10:00 PM

For Immediate Release

In response to requests from Fort Bend County law enforcement officials, Judge Bob Hebert has issued a curfew order for unincorporated areas of Fort Bend County. This curfew will be in effect beginning 12:01 August 31, 2017 and will be in force until 6:00 AM on September 6.

The curfew states that the only people who may remain in or travel around on both public and private property are:

  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • People authorized by the County Judge to assist in the protection of the health, safety, or welfare of the public
  • Owners of the property in which they are found during curfew hours
  • A person who remains or travels upon private property which is owned by him or upon which the person has been invited

This order will take effect immediately.

“This curfew,” said Judge Hebert, “is being put into effect for the safety of people in the unincorporated areas of Fort Bend County. The safety of our citizens outweighs the temporary inconvenience that results from this curfew. We want you to be safe as we face Harvey’s challenges together”.

Brazos River Update

Earlier today, the National Weather Service and Fort Bend County officials changed the expected crest level for the Brazos River in Richmond to 56 feet (gauge height), with the crest now expected to occur sometime on Thursday or early Friday. That is below the previous estimate of 59 feet. If the river crests at 56 feet as now projected, that would constitute a 100-year flood event for the District.

As a result of these revised projections and the significant drop in Oyster Creek water levels over the last 24 hours, the District currently does not expect there to be any residential structure flooding in the neighborhood, although there may still be street ponding or flooding in some areas. The District encourages you to continue monitoring the website of the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management for additional updates:

For Fort Bend County flood plain maps and related information, please visit:

Projected Flooding in Fort Bend MUD 146 from Tropical Storm Harvey

Based upon the current projections from the National Weather Service and Fort Bend County officials, the Brazos River is expected to crest on late Tuesday or early Wednesday in Richmond at approximately 59 feet (Gauge height) and to remain elevated until at least Friday. The District’s engineer prepared the map below of projected flooding in the neighborhood (indicated by the areas shaded in blue) if the Brazos River crests at 59 feet as projected. The map is based on available rough elevation data that does not include information about the elevation of homes and other structures on individual residential lots.

Based on the available information, the District anticipates that there will be widespread street flooding in the neighborhood. It is also possible that there may be some flooding to some structures. This flooding is expected to last through at least Friday and potentially longer. During this time, high water likely will prevent travel in and out of the neighborhood and may restrict travel in and out of individual homes. Please make preparations today for this extended flooding event.

Neighborhood Names Within Levees Ordered to Evacuate

Mandatory Evacuations

  • FBC LID #6; Dell Webb-Richmond, Veranda, Williams Ranch
  • FBC LID #7; Autumn Ridge, Blakely Bend, Clayton’s Bend, Foster’s Green, High Meadows, Lake Pointe, Meadowvale, Morningside, New Territory, Point Royale, Robinson’s Landing, Sanders Ridge, Spencers Glen, Stonehaven, Summerhill, Walkers Station, Wilkin’s Crossing
  • FBC LID #20; Kingdom Heights
  • FBC MUD #46; Brazos Crossing, Colony Lakes, Lake Bend Condominium, Water’s Edge at Colony Lakes, Rocky Creek Crossing,
  • FBC MUD #49; Oyster Creek Place, Oyster Creek Village, Pearl Pointe , Rustlers Crossing
  • FBC MUD #115; Riverstone
  • FIRST COLONY LID #1; Colonial Lakes Office Park, Creekshire, Heritage Colony, Lake Colony, Lakefield, Lakes of Austin Park, Lakeway, Lexington Colony, Magnolia Plantation, Old Mill Park, Oyster Creek Plantation, Plantation Bend, Plantation Colony, Plantation Creek, Plantation Park, Plantation Trails, Riverbend, Sugar Crossing
  • MUD #121; River Park, Williams Crossing
  • PALMER PLANTATION MUD #1; Flamingo Estates, Flamingo Island, HarborView Village, Lakeside Estates, Lakeside Village, Palmer Plantation, Peninsula, Swan Isle
  • PALMER PLANTATION MUD #2; Crescent Oak Village, Jade Island, Lakeshore Forest, Mustang Crossing, Parkview Village, Sunrise Bay, Villa Del Lago

Voluntary Evacuations

  • FBC LID #2; Alcorn Bend, Austin Meadows, Austin Park, Briarwood, Chimneystone, Colony, Condominiums at Grants Lake, Crescent Lakes, Crescents on the Green, Edgewater, Englewood, First Colony MUD #5 , Grants Lake, Lake Pointe, Lakes of Edgewater, Landing at Grants Lake, Lexington Meadows, Meadow Lakes, Oakland Oaks, Old Mill, Oyster Point, Rivercrest, Settlers, soldiers Field Court, Stephens Grant, Sugar Creek, Sugar Land Town Square, Sugarwood, Sweetbriar, Sweetwater, The Highlands, The Lakes, The Towns of Grants Lake, The Village on Royal Oak, Town Center Square, Travis Park, Villas of Sweetwater, Williams, Woodstream
  • FBC LID #10; Riverpark
  • FBC LID #11 (and the portion of Mud #116 within their levee); Greatwood , Canyon Gate
  • FBC LID #14; Avalon, Brazos Landing
  • FBC LID #15; Alden Springs at Riverstone, Auburn Manor, Avalon, Brookside, Cabrera Dr, Crescent View Estates, Crossing Cove, CVS Riverstone, Discovery at Riverstone, Edgewood, Enclave, Hartford Landing, Ivory Ridge at Riverstone, Ivy Bend, Kensington, Landmark, U Parkway, Majestic Point, Marble Bend, Meridian Park, Nandina, Noble Seven, Olive Hill, Pecan Ridge, Prestwick, Providence, Riverstone North, Sanders Glen, Satya River, Senova, Silver Grove, The Crossing, The Enclave, The Island, The Village, Vintage Trail, Waterside, Wetlands Park, Whisper Rock, Winding Waters
  • FBC LID #17; Telfair, The Crossing at Telfair
  • FBC LID #19; Creekstone Village, U Parkway, Lost Creek, Millwood, Shadow Glen, Stonebrook, Sweetbriar, The Orchard
  • FIRST COLONY LID #2; Alcorn Bend, Austin Meadow, Austin Park, Briarwood, Chimneystone, City Plaza, Colony Bend, Colony Cove, Colony Creek, Colony Grant, Colony Meadows, Colony Oaks, Colony Park, Colony Woods, Condominiums at Grants Lake, Creekside at Town Center, Crescent Lakes, Edgewater, Englewood, Englewood Place Estates, Englewood Place, First Colony Mall, First Colony MUD #5, Fluor Central, Grants Lake, Highlands Square, Lake Pointe, Lakes of Edgewater, Landing at Grants Lake, Lexington Meadows, Meadows Lakes, Oakland, Oaks of Alcorn, Old Mill Park, Oyster Point, Rivercrest, Settlers Grove, Settlers Park, Soldiers Field Court, Stephens Grant, Sugar Creek, Sugar Land Town Square, Sugarwood, Sweetbriar, Sweetwater, The Enclave at Lake Pointe, The Highlands, The Lakes, The Market, The Offices, The Towns, The Village, Town Center, Travis Park, Villas of Sweetwater, Williams Glen, Williams Grant, Woodstream
  • PECAN GROVE MUD; Greens at Pecan Grove, Pecan Grove Plantation, Pecan Lakes, Plantation Place, The Greens, The Grove, The Terrace
  • SIENNA PLANTATION; Avalon, Enclave, Hunnington, Pecan Estates, Sienna Acreage, Sienna Parkway, Sienna Plantation, Sienna Point, Sienna Steep Bank Village, Sienna Village, Southern Colony

News Release – Evacuation Order

News Release – Evacuation Order


FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – Fort Bend County Officials and the Emergency Operations Center have been closely monitoring the water level in the Brazos River. The National Weather Service forecast indicates that the Brazos River will crest sometime Tuesday, August 29 in the late afternoon or early evening at an elevation of fifty nine feet at the Richmond gauge.

Judge Hebert said that “…a flood of this magnitude is an 800 year event and it exceeds the design specifications of our levees, and is potentially dangerous for a good portion of Fort Bend County. A fifty-nine foot river level threatens to overtop many of the levees in our area. As a result, I am ordering both voluntary and mandatory evacuations for many of the levee improvement districts along the Brazos River, based on all specific facts pertaining to each levee. ”

A voluntary evacuation means that you should consider leaving to head for a safer area. There is a chance that surrounding flood waters may hinder your ability to get in and out of your neighborhood. You may be stuck in your neighborhood for several days.

A mandatory evacuation means that there is risk to life and safety as well as property. There is also a risk to the lives of first responders who might be called on to rescue you when the expected danger materializes. During a mandatory evacuation emergency, personnel WILL NOT be able to respond to your calls for help. You will be on your own. You cannot rely on help from others.

A mandatory evacuation indicates the possibility of danger to your life. We urge you not to ignore it. If you are in a mandatory evacuation zone, do the smart thing: leave and be safe. Local law enforcement and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office will patrol evacuated areas.

Pull up the interactive map to find out if your residence is in the evacuation area: /webappviewer/index.html?id= d1a054f74789410bbe35bed305c81841

The following areas are under a MANDATORY evacuation order:

  • First Colony LID #1
  • Fort Bend County LID #20
  • Fort Bend County LID #6
  • Fort Bend County LID #7
  • Fort Bend County MUD #115
  • Fort Bend County MUD #46
  • Fort Bend County MUD #49
  • Municipal Utility District #121
  • Palmer Plantation #1
  • Palmer Plantation #2

The following areas are under a VOLUNTARY evacuation order:

  • Fort Bend County LID #2
  • Fort Bend County LID #10
  • Fort Bend County LID #11
  • Fort Bend County LID #14
  • Fort Bend County LID #15
  • Fort Bend County LID #17
  • Fort Bend County LID #179
  • First Colony LID #2
  • Pecan Grove MUD
  • Sienna Plantation

Judge Hebert reiterated that, “If you are in a Mandatory Evacuation zone, please leave. If you don’t, you may be in danger and we may not be able to help. If you are in a Voluntary Evacuation zone, take steps to protect yourself, your family and your property and be ready to lose service and mobility for an extended period of time if you choose to shelter in place. In any case, begin your preparation now. Take steps now to keep safe.”

If you are under a mandatory evacuation order, take the following steps:

  • Determine a safe evacuation route
  • Pack essential items including medicine, important documents, and first aid kits
  • Take your pets (and pet food) with you
  • Secure your home by locking all doors and windows
  • Leave as soon as you are instructed to leave

Also be aware that mandatory evacuation orders are already in place for areas along the Brazos River that were impacted by the Memorial Day 2016 flood, and for low lying areas of the San Bernard River. There are also evacuations in place from the cities of Rosenberg, Richmond, and Simonton and a voluntary evacuation for areas around the Barker Reservoir.

If you are in a voluntary evacuation area, be sure you are comfortable staying put for several days and that you have enough food, water and other supplies to last at least a week.

There are shelters in the area. Contact the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management at 281-342-6185 to find a shelter.  Red Cross shelter information can be found online:


Public Information Officer

Fort Bend County Emergency Operations Center