Leak Adjustment Resolution

In response to Winter Storm Uri and the February 2021 Freeze Event, the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 146 Board has adopted a Resolution and procedures to allow customers to request an adjustment for excessive water use due to damages that resulted from this historic weather event. Those customers that apply by May 1, 2021 may be eligible to receive a credit on their future District water bill for excess Water Charges and excess North Fort Bend Water Authority fees.

The adopted policy allows the Board to consider granting a credit for February 2021 water usage in excess of the customer’s January 2021 usage that is attributable to a leak or rupture of the customer’s water lines as a result of the Freeze Event. To be considered for a leak adjustment credit, affected customers must submit the completed Freeze Event Leak Adjustment Request Application and related documentation. Documentation, required in accordance with the policy, will include a plumber’s bill or receipts for purchased repair parts and a statement of self-repair. Please see the application and Board resolution for all requirements.

A copy of the District Board Resolution, requirements and application can be obtained at the following link: February 2021 Freeze Event Adjustment Credits or by contacting the District. For questions, use the link on the District’s website or contact the District Operator, Environmental Development Partners, at 832-467-1599 or toll free at 1-866-467-1599.

To apply for credit, completed applications and all related documentation must be received by the District no later than May 1, 2021.