Lawn Care and Stormwater

Proper lawn care can go a long way to prevent unnecessary stormwater pollution in your community. Helpful hints include:

  • Take care not to overwater your lawn
  • Avoid disposal of clippings, debris, or anything other than Stormwater into the Storm Drains
  • Minimize use of Fertilizers and Pesticides and follow all application instructions

Grass clippings and debris can clog drains and cause stormwater back-ups and flooding. Here are a few places for your trimmings:

  • Sweep, collect, and bag grass clippings and leaves
  • Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn where they can become a mulch and natural fertilizer
  • Rake or blow leaves into a compost pile, where they can decompose


Lawn Care and Storm Water Pollution Brochure (PDF)

Full Phase 2 Report from Independent Audit of District Billing System and Procedures

In response to concerns raised by residents at the October 1, 2015, special meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”), regarding unusually high water usage and utility bills in the August and September 2015 time frame, a self-selected committee of residents recommended and the Board decided to engage BDO to conduct an independent audit of the District’s billing system and procedures.

BDO completed its full Phase 2 report, which is available through the link below. No significant issues were identified.

The Board would like to thank all of the residents for your participation and feedback throughout this process.

BDO’s Phase 2 Report