Judge Jodie Stavinoha Bridge Over TX-99 Reopened

This morning the Judge Jodie Stavinoha TX-99 bridge over the Brazos River just north of I-69 on the Grand Parkway has been reopened to one lane in each direction. At this time, tolls are still waived on Fort Bend County toll roads, please feel free to use toll roads to help get around other flooded roadways or traffic resulting from some of the still-flooded routes through the region.

Fort more information about the response to Hurricane Harvey, visit the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management website at http://fbcoem.org.

For more information on recovery efforts to assist residents of Fort Bend County, or information on what you can do to assist in recovery visit FortBendRecovers.org.

Termination of Curfew

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – Fort Bend County Judge ordered a curfew put into place on August 31 to assist law enforcement in the protection of private property within evacuation zones in Fort Bend County. The curfew was in effect from August 31 until today, when the Judge terminated the curfew.

“Along with the cancelling of many of the evacuation orders, conditions have improved to the point that we can now lift the curfew to better allow people access to their property.” says County Judge Bob Hebert.

While it is now safe enough to lift the curfew, individual neighborhoods and homes may still pose hazards that residents should be aware of. Displaced animals, contaminated flood waters, and unstable structures can pose an ongoing hazard to residents trying to return home. For more information about how to safely re-enter your home, visit http://fortbendrecovers.org/