Oyster Creek Green Belt Tree Trimming and Removal

In response to numerous reports from residents, in June of 2016 Fort Bend MUD No. 146 (the District) retained a certified arborist to perform a Tree Risk Assessment Survey of the trees located in the Oyster Creek Greenbelt (OCG). The arborist identified several potentially hazardous limbs and trees that will require trimming or removal. There are seven (7) locations along the trail, primarily behind Winding Path Way, Rosehedge Terrace Way and Aurora Park, where trimming and removal will occur on District property. Fortunately, only two (2) trees require complete removal at this time. The trimming and removal work will begin once residents living adjacent to the areas where trimming and the removal will occur can be notified.

OCG provides residents of the District with a variety of recreational opportunities, both active and passive. The area is considered to be one of the most important and unique features in the community. The Parks Committee is currently working on a proposed OCG Reforestation Program for the Board’s consideration, which would promote the installation of new native trees along OCG to ensure a native population of varying maturity.

Click on the following link to submit questions/comments: http://www.fbmud146.org/contact/.

Oyster Creek Dredging and Desilting Operations by Gulf Coast Authority Update

GCWA is now working downstream of the James Long Parkway Bridge. They anticipate being complete with the dredging portion of the project in 4 – 6 months. Contingent upon the weather and the moisture level of the dredged spoils, GCWA may begin bull dozing the spoil material in another 3 – 6 weeks. (see updated progress map below).

For inquiries related to this project please contact Gulf Coast Water Authority during office hours, Monday through Thursday, 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM, by phone at (281) 331-3137 or David Hudson at (281) 932-1047.

Oyster Creek Dredging and Desilting Operations