Boulevard Fence Replacement Project Phase I – Update

American Wall Systems (the Contractor) is completing Section 1, southwest side of W. Bellfort, in the next week contingent upon the weather.  Construction of Section 2, the northeast side of W. Bellfort is beginning with demolition and erection of temporary fencing underway.  To view the Fence Replacement Plan Phasing maps click on the following link:  As the project progresses, impacted residents will receive door tags one week prior to their phase beginning, check your door regularly.

The Contractor will remove the existing wood fence and begin installing brick fence between the stone columns.  When a fence is removed the Contractor will erect temporary chain link construction fence to secure the property. A utility marking service will mark all main utility lines that are located in any easement impacted by this project.

The Contractor requests impacted residents secure pets, clearly mark any private utility lines in the yard (such as irrigation, gas grill, swimming pool, etc.) and turn off the irrigation prior to demolition beginning. The Contractor also requests that impacted residents remove any item attached to the fence, or within five feet of the fence line. Landscaping, decorative items, etc. should be removed or tied back out of the way. American Wall Systems is not responsible for any damage within this work zone. Items within the work zone will be removed.

Please contact Sherrie Knoepfel at 281-306-0035 or with questions or concerns.