Boulevard Fence Replacement Project Phase 2 – Update

The Board of Directors approved the additional funding to correct the “out of plumb stone columns” that have been slowing the progress in Section 1 of Phase 2. Progress in that area should now speed up.

A water main was broken last Friday but has now been repaired. Damage to a residential irrigation system was reported and is being investigated. A gas main on the east side of Winston Ranch was broken on Thursday morning but has been repaired. The flags for marking the gas main were located 24 ft. from where the actual gas line was run. This is a similar issue to what happened with AT&T and Comcast in Phase 1. The utilities were not located in the proper utility Right of Way where they should have been.

The FenceCrete Project Manager is onsite today to address traffic control concerns reported by a resident. These concerns stemmed from forklift operations and location of cars owned by fence workers that were parked along Winston Ranch. We should see resolution of this issue moving forward.

The District greatly appreciates the community’s patience during construction of the new walls. Please contact us through the District website at with questions or concerns.