Lawn Care and Stormwater

Proper lawn care can go a long way to prevent unnecessary stormwater pollution in your community. Helpful hints include:

  • Take care not to overwater your lawn
  • Avoid disposal of clippings, debris, or anything other than Stormwater into the Storm Drains
  • Minimize use of Fertilizers and Pesticides and follow all application instructions

Grass clippings and debris can clog drains and cause stormwater back-ups and flooding. Here are a few places for your trimmings:

  • Sweep, collect, and bag grass clippings and leaves
  • Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn where they can become a mulch and natural fertilizer
  • Rake or blow leaves into a compost pile, where they can decompose


Lawn Care and Storm Water Pollution Brochure (PDF)