Community Improvements Under Consideration – Your Feedback Requested

The Board of Directors (the Board) of Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 146 (the District) is considering its draft budget for fiscal year 2017, which will run from January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017. The District annually prepares a list of potential improvement projects to enhance our community. These projects have been identified by Board members, District residents, the Long Meadow Farms Homeowners Association, District consultants, and others.

The types of projects under consideration at this time include: the replacement of wood fencing with brick, the addition of walking trails and site furnishings at various locations, landscape screening of the wastewater treatment plant and expansion of playground facilities. These projects are under consideration, but the Board makes no assurances regarding whether any or all of these projects will be completed and, if they are, the timing for when they will get underway. One of the biggest factors affecting the initiation of these projects is the availability of funds; the projects under consideration total in excess of $2,000,000.00. At this time, the Board plans to consider these and other community improvement projects based solely upon funds available on hand each year.

The Board requests your feedback regarding these projects and other District improvement projects you would like to see implemented. Please click on the following link to submit your questions and comments:

Fire Protection Fee Increase

State law authorizes Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) to enter into contracts to provide fire protection services for property located within the MUD. Pursuant to a written fire plan approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the voters of Fort Bend County MUD No. 146 (FBCMUD146), FBCMUD 146 has entered into a Fire Protection Agreement with the City of Richmond (the “City”) for the City to provide fire protection services to property located within FBCMUD146. FBCMUD146 generally receives fire protection services from the fire station on Mason Road approximately one mile south of the District. Under the Fire Protection Agreement, FBCMUD 146 collects from its customers and then pays to the City a mandatory monthly fee for fire protection services based upon the number of residential homes and apartment units and the square footage of non-residential property located within the District.

The terms of the Fire Protection Agreement provide for an annual inflation adjustment of the monthly fire protection fee, which is calculated based upon the change in the published Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, known as the CPI-U, and occurs each year on October 1 st.

Based on this calculation, beginning on October 1, 2016, the monthly fire protection fee paid to the City by the District will be increased from $11.22/month per connection to $11.35/month per connection.

Click on the following link to submit questions/comments: