Superior Public Water System Designation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District NO. 146 (FBCMUD146) and its water utility operator, Environmental Development Partners (EDP), take great pride in providing District residents with quality drinking water through the operation of a reliable and compliant public water system as required by the State of Texas.  All Texas water supply systems are regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) which inspects and evaluates the construction and operation of public water systems.

TCEQ recognizes overall excellence in the operation of a public water system by designating a system as “Superior” if a system meets the stringent criteria set forth by the TCEQ.  To earn this designation, a system must meet and maintain a higher set of standards than are required of all public water systems. These standards, including excelled efforts in protecting public health, ensuring reliable operations and water supply for the system’s customers, compliance with regulatory requirements and environmental stewardship, are required to be deemed “Superior.”  In fact, at the end of 2015, only approximately 13% of community water systems in Texas had achieved a ”Superior” ranking, according to State records.

FBCMUD146 is proud to have earned this “Superior” designation beginning in 2015.  The District, through its operator, provides service to approximately 1900 homes, multi-family units and commercial properties within its boundaries.

Update: Oyster Creek Trail Expansion and Installation of New Pedestrians Bridges

The location of the expanded trail has been flagged and is currently being cut for the placement of the concrete forms. The location for the new trail was selected in an effort to balance privacy for adjacent homeowners while complying with criteria and standards required by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), who provided grant funding, and other entities with jurisdiction in the area. Other location considerations included minimizing damage to existing vegetation, access by mowers and maintenance equipment, and the potential for high water events. The additional one mile of trail will meander along the creek through the native trees providing residents with enhanced strolling, walking, and running opportunities.

The contractor on the project will move from the east bank to the west bank in the next few days as they work cutting the location for forms. Contingent upon weather, concrete pouring may begin as early as the end of next week. Demolition of the western most bridge is nearing completion and the other bridge will remain open until the new west bridge is complete. The prefabricated bridges are on order and delivery is expected in approximately 10 weeks. Installation will take place upon delivery.

The map shows the existing trail and bridge locations, and the expanded trail and new bridge locations. It also identifies access points and provides the trail distances for Oyster Creek and Long Lake Trails (the lake by the recreation and welcome centers).

For questions or comments about this project or other District matters email the District at the following link:

Oyster Creek Trail Map