Boulevard Fence Replacement Project Phase 2 – Update

Wall construction continues on the west side of Winston Ranch. The sidewalk remains open on the east side.

The District has added replacement of the iron and precast fencing (at Venture Park along Hwy 99) to the scope of this phase of the fence replacement project. The fencing will be replaced with the same brick fencing as is being installed along Winston Ranch and elsewhere. In order to safely make the fence replacement, Venture Park will need to be closed for a period of time. Plans are currently being discussed around timing with coordinating additional work that needs to be done to facilitate the fence replacement. We will post a notification soon as we have the schedule for the work and how long the park will need to be closed. The new brick fencing around the park should make a great addition!

The District greatly appreciates the community’s patience during construction of the new walls. Please contact us through the District website at with questions or concerns.